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1. Childhood

Dejgon born and raised in Germany aka “Badkiller BeAtZ” aka “Deshawn Productions” is a very talented producer who has been making music since 2007.

In the 2000s he and his cousin listened to all kinds of music, at that time 2pac, Notorious BIG, DMX, Eminem were very popular and internationally known. Dejgon used to have a Maxi-CD from Eminem with 5 Songs on it and his 8 Mile soundtracks which also contained an instrumental, he and his cousin had fun rapping over the instrumental beat.

Dejgon still has the CD up to this day.

After some time Dejgon’s neighbor joined the party he used to live upstairs in the same house, around that time he didn’t produce any music yet. Dejgon also used to be very interested in technical things like computers and much more.

He and his cousin used to call themselves “LB Muzik” (Lil Bling & Badkiller BeAtZ Music) it used to be around 2006, they started making songs and features with friends in their Bedroom recording songs, and looking for beats.

Around 2007 Dejgon started to look for music recording software in an internet cafe they used to call since computers were expensive at that time. And among audacity, he has also discovered another software which used to be called fruity loops back then, now known as FL Studio. He installed it on the computer and loved what he could do with it and that’s the time his journey as a producer began.

2. Career

In 2010 Dejgon used to produce beats for his other cousins which also used to rap within that time, he has discovered new styles and sounds trying to find his own sound which has been difficult for him. Meanwhile, he started learning things like marketing, web design, mixing & mastering, and many other things while perfecting his craft.

In 2016 he started his own music label called Mind Blowin Recordzs, He built a team with artists, photographers, videographers, and producers. He used to coach them and teach them everything they needed to know so they could create amazing music and content.

We had an amazing time he says.

In 2019 Dejgon realized that working with artists is very complicated and at that time he didn’t have any music portfolio yet because he was so focused on prioritizing his own artists as a label owner that he has completely neglected himself as a producer and forgotten that he is a musician himself, he decided to cut the ropes and started his own journey as a musician.

In 2020 he started a new beginning, he decided to upload beats on a weekly schedule and finish some of his work instead of keeping it to himself, this has been pretty successful, within over a year and 3 months he’s been able to complete around 130 beats which in return gave him the portfolio he has been looking for and deserved.

By the end of 2021, he has refurbished his website and created a music preview service for artists and much more…

3. Discography

For my discography click here

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